What We Do

Construction Links Media is a broad-based inclusive coalition of more than 25,000 companies and 65,000 representatives from different segments of the building, design and repair industry in Canada.

Encourages the use of green building strategies and technologies; supports green building efforts and helps keep the building industry informed, through its electronic publications which currently include The link, Showcase, Newswire and our various websites.

An online database of building, planning tools and resources, designed to help facilitate and accelerate the advancement of sustainable building and planning in Canada.

Construction Links network is unique in the industry - nowhere else will you find this cross-disciplinary mix of construction, design and related professionals.

Through Construction Links, owners, facility managers, architects, engineers, specifiers, software companies, accountants, insurance brokers, lawyers, project managers, government, associations, contractors, sub-contractors, product reps, manufacturers and more come together in one community.

Good News If Your Looking...

...To gain valuable exposure to these
professionals in Canada

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...To learn more about new strategies being
developed or launched to help accelerate the advancement of sustainable building and
planning in Canada

...To find services & products in Canada

...To be kept abreast of new products and
services as they become available

...To read informative articles

...To have your products or services included in future projects

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Uniting All Segments of the Canadian Construction Community

Construction Links Media, led by Owner, Arnie Gess, offers advertisers to Canadian building design and repair professionals a network of premium websites, including constructionlinks.ca, Thearchitectlink.ca, thecontractorlink.ca, thedesignlink.ca, theengineerlink.ca, thegreenlink.ca, thelinkmonthly.ca and others, reaching an audience of more than 10,000 visitors per day in Canada.

Construction Links Media is a Canadian media company with the missions to inform and connect with building design and repair professionals across Canada. The Construction Links Media brand encompasses a family of websitess that offer digital advertising solutions focusing their efforts on Canadian building design and repair professionals (including Architects, Contractors, Designers, Engineers, property managers, spec writers and more). We help brands connect with building design professionals online through innovative ad formats, custom digital advertising solutions, and premium content brands.

Amvic, Kawneer, Montel, Nabco, Wikk and thousands of other manufacturing companies use Construction Links Media distribution service to deliver their articles, press releases and product launches to more than 65,000 subscribers, building design professionals across Canada.

Construction Links Media is an Internet media services company focusing on the Canadian construction industry.